Bay Window


  • Has the heat efficiency of a furnace or boiler.
  • Cleaner burning allows the Stove to heat any space.
  • Add a door insert to your stove for a personalized look.
  • Our Bay Windows are ran off of coal.

Keystoker 75,000 automatic coal stove produces a warm, glowing ambiance for any living space. With the heat and efficiency of a hot air furnace combined with the ambiance of a fireplace, this coal fired stove delivers both on aesthetics as well as functionality. With the anthracite coal (rice or buckwheat) this automatic stove uses to operate, the result is a clean burning and efficient coal combustion which is sure to give a smaller home or very large area plenty of heat.

The Keystoker Baywindow 75,000 produces up to 75,000 BTUs to keep an area or home up to 1,500 square feet warm and comfortable. With automatic features and durable gauge steel construction, this clean coal stove is designed for minimum cleaning and efficient burning for many, many years.

Featuring a beautiful large front window for optimal fire viewing, this efficient coal stove utilizes anthracite coal so that you can burn coal cleanly and cheaply. Since this coal stove is automatic, there is no need to shake grates or shovel ashes, which saves you time and the hassle. For flexibility in installation, this clean coal burning stove is available for chimney or direct vent ventilation, and the vent placement is optional: choose from top or bottom. The heat output from this coal burning stove is controlled by a room thermostat, allowing you to do other things while the coal stove regulates itself on how much heat should be produced.

With the efficiency and heat of a furnace, coupled with the beauty and ambiance of a fireplace, this coal stove is sure to satisfy the heating needs for your smaller home. And since the stove is available in 16 different colors (not including two default colors), you can choose the perfect colored Keystoker to complement any space.

  • For chimney or direct vent.
  • Top or bottom vent optional.
  • 10 year stove warranty!
  • Hot water coil optional.
  • Stove is fabricated from heavy gauge steel.
  • Uses clean burning anthracite coal rice, buckwheat, or mixture of both.
  • Optional 6” or 8” convection air kit.
  • Fully automatic, no need to shake grates or shovel ashes.
  • Heat output controlled by your room thermostat.
  • Optional choice of 16 colors (not including two default colors)
  • Carbon monoxide detector and second ash pan included.