Deep Box


  • The Deep Box stove can also be called a freestanding stove.
  • Add a door insert to personalize your stove.
  • We offer repair service plans for our products.
  • The best way to burn coal.

The Keystoker hand fired 70-90 requires no electricity but is still automatic. The stove is equipped with an automatic thermostat to regulate the air flow used for combustion, set by a dial, then controlled by stove temperature to provide a steady source of even heat for maximum comfort.

A deep fire box allows for long burn time between tending of the stove. The deep fire box coupled with upper and lower rows of heated fire brick will:

1. Result in most complete burning of coal
2. Extract maximum amount of heat from coal
3. Enables an attractive small parlor stove to heat a large area

  • Burns Pea or Nut Coal.
  • Come with 265 CFM Blower.
  • Optional Brass Trim Fire Door.
  • Top or Rear Exhuast